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Mobile KR18 KR24 Portable Standing Seam Roof Profile Roll Forming Machine

Mobile KR18 KR24 Portable Standing Seam Roof Profile Roll Forming Machine

Mobile KR18 KR24 Portable Standing Seam Roof Profile Roll Forming Machine

Different roof panel forming machines can produce different shapes of steel roof wal

Mobile KR18 KR24 Portable Standing Seam Roof Profile Roll Forming Machine
The KR 18 roof sheet continues to lead the market with its time-tested design and engineering. It forms a 2-1/2-in Trapezoidal Standing Seam Panel for Structural (Low Slope) applications.

KR18 portable metal roof roll forming machine parameters

Material Width 610mm
Effective Width 457mm
Thickness of Coil 0.4-0.8mm aluminum coil
Application roofing system
Estimated Dimension 4500mmX950mmX1800mm
Total Weight 3 Tons
Main Power 7.5 KW
Decoiler Manual or Hydraulic Decoiler
Forming Speed 0-15m/min
Forming Station 9 rollers with hard chromium
Bracket Welded with 36 # I-steel
Material of Shaft High Grade forged 45# Steel with 1st Rough Finished and then 2th Refined  Finished
Diameter of the Roll 90mm
Material of Roller High Quality Cr12Mov Steel Quenched HRC58-62 °
Processing Technology Rough Processing ---Refined Processing--Hard Chromium Plating.
Material of Rack Complete Welded Structure of A3 Steel Plate 20 mm Thickness
Transmission Chain or Gear Box or universal joint
Material of cutting blade Cr12 with Quenched Treatment 60-62 °
Cutting system Hydraulic Stop or Tracking Cutting
Voltage 380V/50HZ/3 Phase or as Customer Require


Manual Uncoiler-------------------1 set
Guiding Platform------------------1 set
Coil Strip Leveler------------------1 set
Main Machine of Roll Forming------1 set
Electric-Motor---------------------1 set
Cutting Device--------------------1 set
Hydraulic Station------------------1 set
PLC Control-----------------------1 set
Supporter Table-------------------1 set
In the realm of roofing solutions, the KR18 Roof Sheet Machine has emerged as a technological marvel, revolutionizing the production of roof sheets for construction projects. This article explores the key advantages of the KR18 Roof Sheet Machine, its popularity in the market, the exceptional quality it delivers, and the inherent advantages of the roof sheets it produces.

Advantages of the KR18 Roof Sheet Machine:

  1. High Efficiency Roll Forming: The KR18 Roof Sheet Machine is designed for high-speed and precision roll forming, ensuring the production of roof sheets with consistent profiles and dimensions. This efficiency is a key factor in meeting the demands of large-scale construction projects.

  2. Customization Capability: One of the standout features of the KR18 machine is its ability to produce a variety of roof sheet profiles. This customization capability allows it to cater to diverse architectural and design requirements, making it a versatile solution for the construction industry.

  3. User-Friendly Operation: Equipped with advanced control systems and an intuitive interface, the KR18 Roof Sheet Machine offers a user-friendly operation. Operators can easily set parameters, monitor the production process, and make adjustments with efficiency, contributing to a smoother workflow.

  4. Material Optimization: The machine is designed to minimize material waste during the roll forming process. This not only aligns with sustainable practices but also contributes to cost savings, making it an economically viable solution for roofing material production.

  5. Robust Construction and Durability: The KR18 Roof Sheet Machine is built with durability in mind. Its robust construction ensures a long lifespan and reliable performance, even in demanding manufacturing environments. This durability translates to cost-effectiveness over the long term.

Popularity in the Market:

  1. Global Acceptance: The KR18 Roof Sheet Machine has gained widespread acceptance on a global scale. Its ability to cater to various market demands and compliance with international quality standards has made it a popular choice for roofing material manufacturers worldwide.

  2. Preference in Construction Industry: Within the construction industry, the KR18 machine has become the preferred choice for roofing material production. Its versatility, efficiency, and customization options make it well-suited for a wide range of projects, from residential buildings to industrial complexes.

Machine Quality:

  1. ISO-Certified Manufacturing: The KR18 Roof Sheet Machine is often manufactured by reputable companies adhering to international quality standards. ISO certifications ensure that the machine meets stringent quality control measures, assuring users of its reliability and performance.

  2. Premium Materials and Components: High-quality materials and components are used in the construction of the KR18 Roof Sheet Machine. This attention to enhances the overall quality and longevity of the machine, ensuring consistent and reliable production.

Advantages of KR18 Roof Sheets:

  1. Structural Integrity: Roof sheets produced by the KR18 machine exhibit exceptional structural integrity. The precise roll forming process ensures uniformity in material thickness and profile, contributing to the overall stability and longevity of the roof.

  2. Weather Resistance: The inherent qualities of the roof sheets, including material composition and finish, make them highly resistant to weather elements. This resilience is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of buildings over time.

  3. Aesthetic Versatility: With the ability to produce a variety of profiles, the KR18 Roof Sheet Machine contributes to the aesthetic versatility of roofing solutions. It allows architects and builders to choose roof designs that complement the overall look and feel of a structure.

The KR18 Roof Sheet Machine stands as a beacon of innovation in the roofing industry. Its efficiency, customization capabilities, and global acceptance make it a go-to solution for roofing material manufacturers worldwide. As construction projects continue to demand high-quality, sustainable, and versatile roofing solutions, the KR18 Roof Sheet Machine remains a key player in shaping the skylines of modern cities. Choosing this advanced roll forming machine ensures not only the production of top-notch roof sheets but also contributes to the overall success of construction projects.


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